What is Automotive Glass Repair and Replacement?

Auto glass repairers replace window glass and examine damaged windshields to assess repairability. Learn more about auto glass repair & replacement.

What is Automotive Glass Repair and Replacement?

Auto glass repairers are responsible for replacing window glass and examining damaged windshields to assess repairability. They use specialized tools to stabilize chips and cracks, remove glass that cannot be repaired, and apply urethane sealant to the windshield frame before installing the replacement glass. This job can be physically demanding, but a windshield chip can be properly repaired if it is smaller than the size of a 25-cent coin. A chip is a space between the two layers of glass that contains air, dirt, and broken glass.

To restore the structural integrity of the windshield, this space must be cleared and filled with resin. The purpose of a vent glass is to allow the door glass to roll down further than it would without it. When you receive your auto glass repair quote, Glass Doctor technicians will advise you if your windshield can be repaired or if you need a replacement. The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) was founded and is supported by automotive glass companies and other organizations whose primary goal is vehicle safety.

Depending on the size of the damage to your windshield, your vehicle may require replacement of the car's window. You have the option of selecting a replacement made by a company that manufactures windshields or OEM glass manufactured by a non-OEM manufacturer (often referred to as aftermarket glass). All service glass will meet or exceed the requirements listed by AGSC for both windshield repairs and replacements. Quality Auto Glass & Tint installations comply with manufacturers' recommendations and meet all applicable federal standards, ensuring that your vehicle is safe and ready to protect you in the event of an accident.

When windshield repair isn't an option, windshield replacement is available through the professionals at Auto Glass Now. Auto body and glass repairers generally need a combination of a high school diploma and experience or completion of a formal automotive or glass repair training program from a trade school or community college.

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