Does Safelite Use OEM Glass?

Learn about the quality of Safelite glass and how it meets or exceeds safety standards. Find out if Safelite uses OEM glass when replacing windshields.

Does Safelite Use OEM Glass?

When your windshield is cracked and needs to be replaced, you have two options: OEM and aftermarket glass. OEM glass is the preferred choice for many car manufacturers due to the complex technology now available in vehicles, especially in the windshield. Nissan recommends that windshields with cameras or sensors located on them be replaced with OEM glass. Honda states that replacing a Honda windshield on newer models with anything other than original parts could cause errors.

Mercedes-Benz USA also strongly recommends the use of original glass to replace the windshield. Safelite glass meets or exceeds safety standards and can help you make the best decision for your vehicle. For some vehicles, an aftermarket windshield will work well, while other vehicle manufacturers recommend using only OEM windshields. Safelite can help you determine which type of glass is best for your vehicle.

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